After christmas break writing activity sheets

Another thing that has helped me on days like this is to be flexible with your schedule.

Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

When all else fails, plan some fun surprises for your students. How would you fill your vacation time if you did not have any screens no computers, video games, or TV?

And last but not least go home as soon as you can! Janelle Cox is an education writer who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education.

Another thing that helps me on days like this is to manage my expectations…. Create a Christmastime scrapbook. Allow students to share their holiday break stories over a warm cup of cocoa!

My Holiday Break Graphic Organizer and Writing Paper

Here are a few more creative writing prompts. One great way to find out is to have your students write about it! Make a list of at least ten ways that you think your life will be different a year from now.

Ask them to include what they did, the presents they received, the people they saw, and whatever else they think is interesting and fun.

Seuss" or "War and Peace"—whatever they like, as long as they present it to the class in a fun and creative way. Clean out any remnants of holiday treats. Host a Party Before you must get back to all the school chaos and your crazy school day routine, kick off the first day or two back to school with a party!

What was your favorite holiday food that you had over break? If you would like more writing prompts, you can find a whole bunch of them here. Creative Writing Prompts A creative and calm activity to get your energetic students back into the grind is to have them write about what they did and received over break.

Winter Worksheets and Printables

What are you most grateful for this holiday season? Write about something you did with your family over break. Students can get the opportunity to discuss their adventures in a fun writing piece.

This year I hope… Start your writing with: She is also the Elementary Education Expert for About. For a different spin on the traditional activity, try having students guess who brought what item in. I always try to start the morning by letting each child share one brief memory from our winter break as part of our opening circle time.

Make a different New Years wish for ten different people in your life. At the very least your students will be very excited to see each other again and want to spend some time chatting.

This will be the best year ever because… Make a list of at least ten ways that your life is different now than it was a year ago. Students will love the ease and flow of a relaxing day back to school. I find that my students can sustain their attention for an amazing story for much longer that they can keep working on more independent academic work at times like this.

Assign your students to create a fun memento over break that they will share with the class when they return. Here are a few fun suggestions:Five Fun Winter Break Activities That Won't Feel Like Homework Writing Bug; Work Sheet Library; All Work Sheets; Critical Thinking Work Sheets; Animals A to Z; the partner takes notes.

After each pair completes the activity, the students on the inside circle move clockwise to face the next student in the outer circle. Students in the.

Returning to school in January after the Christmas break can be challenging for first-grade students and their teachers.

After the emotional peak caused by the excitement and festivities of the holiday season, the anticlimactic return to school is bound to find some students exhausted and disinterested in.

Christmas Worksheets & Printables. Looking for a way to help your child practice counting this Christmas break that's more engaging than a number line? Try a numbered dot-to-dot! Have your child complete this winter writing prompt to exercise writing skills and reinforce seasonal knowledge.

Windbag Wonders Team Building Activity The goal is really quite simple Break the Ice with a Student Scavenger Hunt These free printables come from Minds in Bloom.

Download them for free and print it out. On the first day of school, have the students find classmates that fit the description in each box. Back to School Activities to Team. 4th of July Writing Paper - Red, White, and Blue. View Details. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Worksheet.

View Details. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Worksheet.

Survive the First Day Back at School After Winter Break

View Details. Mom Rainbow Poster. Christmas Single Digit Addition Worksheet. View Details.

20 Back from Winter Break Writing Prompts

Christmas Double Digit Addition Worksheet. View Details. Christmas Single Digit Subtraction Worksheet. Post-Holiday Classroom Activities.

Five Fun Winter Break Activities That Won't Feel Like Homework

By: Janelle Cox. Janelle Cox. For many teachers and students, getting back into the swing of things after the holiday break may be difficult. For a different spin on the traditional activity, try having students guess who brought what item in. Write about a place that you went over the Christmas break.

After christmas break writing activity sheets
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