Aimstar business plan

This method races hot plasma around in a magnetically confined, donut-shaped ring, with an internal current. A potential is applied to it, giving it a positive or negative voltage against the surrounding plasma.

This method confines hot plasma using a magnetic field and squeezes it using inertia. If the reason is deflection by another particle, plasma radiates X-rays, known as Bremsstrahlung radiation.

This possibility as a method of spacecraft propulsion, known as Antimatter-catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsionwas investigated at Pennsylvania State University in connection with the proposed AIMStar project.

In these cases, alternate power extraction systems based on the movement of these charges are possible. This method sends a strong current in the z-direction through the plasma.

A number of magnetic mirrors are arranged end-to-end in a toroidal ring. In most such designs, it is ultimately captured in a thick "blanket" of lithium surrounding the reactor core.

It has an internal magnetic field. This design attempts to combine magnetic confinement aimstar business plan electrostatic fields, to avoid the conduction losses generated by the cage. Moving out from the center of this ring, the magnetic field reverses direction.

This method sends a current inside a plasma, in the theta direction. When struck by a high-energy neutron, the lithium can produce tritium, which is then fed back into the reactor.

As the voltage changes, the current changes. Developed by Richard F. Power production[ edit ] Steam turbines It has been proposed [45] that steam turbines be used to convert the heat from the fusion chamber into electricity. The current generates a magnetic field that squeezes the plasma to fusion conditions.

Twisted rings of hot plasma. Magneto-inertial fusion or Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion: These use a solid superconducting torus. In Tokamaks, this can be done using mirrors and detectors to reflect light across a plane two dimensions or in a line one dimension.

This makes x-rays that scatter or traverse the plasma. One example is Wendelstein 7-Xa German fusion device that produced its first plasma on December 10, Pinches were the first method for man-made controlled fusion.

Once inside the plasma the neutral beam transmits energy to the plasma by collisions as a result of which it becomes ionized and thus contained by the magnetic field thereby both heating and refuelling the reactor in one operation.

Flux loop A loop of wire is inserted into the magnetic field. This makes a IV Curve.

Fusion power

This device traps plasma in a self-organized quasi-stable structure; where the particle motion makes an internal magnetic field which then traps itself. The process takes the plasma, expands it, and converts a large fraction of the random energy of the fusion products into directed motion.

Neutrons interact with surrounding matter in ways that can be detected. The stellarator attempts to create a natural twist plasma path, using external magnets, while tokamaks create those magnetic fields using an internal current.

Its motions can generate fields that can in turn contain it. The machine typically uses two spherical cages, a cathode inside the anode, inside a vacuum.

The acceleration of the electrons about the magnetic field lines heats the nuclei within the plasmoid to fusion temperatures. Fusion has been initiated by man, using uncontrolled fission explosions to ignite so-called Hydrogen Bombs. The theoretical limit of producing power by such means is a type-2 civilization using a Dyson Sphere.Fusion power is a theoretical form of power generation in which energy will be generated by using nuclear fusion reactions to produce heat for electricity generation.

In a fusion process, two lighter atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus, and at the same time, they release energy. This is the same process that powers stars like our mint-body.coms designed to harness this energy are.

Aimstar business plan
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