College essay cultural development under delhi sultanate in india

Before the advent of Turks the province of Gujarat had developed a beautiful indigenous style. Ala ud-Din began his military career as governor of Kara province, from where he led two raids on Malwa and Devagiri for plunder and loot. The Jains, too, contributed to the growth of Sanskrit.

Yet despite the cultural eminence of the capital, it cannot be claimed that the sultanate is a period marked by that solid scholarship and study of sciences which distinguished Baghdad and Cordova. The last rulers of this dynasty both called themselves Sultan from to In his own nephew rebelled in Malwa, whom he attacked, caught, and flayed alive.

The capital then returned to Delhi.

Society and Culture during the Delhi Sultanate

Both the Hindu and Muslims used to keep slaves. The book Tuti Nama Book of the Parrotwritten in the time of Muhammad Tughlaq, proved very popular and was translated from Persian into Turkish and into many European languages as well.

Delhi Sultanate

It has a covered courtyard and many Jain principles of architecture have been used in it. As already noted, the rise of regional kingdoms in the fifteenth century played an extremely important role in the dissemination of Islamic culture.

Aftervarious regions rebelled against the Sultanate and the kingdom shrank. Taking advantage of the local talent, the [[]] Muslims introduced a number of fine varieties of textiles, most of which had Persian or Arabic origin. He looted the lands he crossed, then plundered and burnt Delhi.

He also changed architectural methods. He was an enthusiastic builder, his greatest engineering achievement being Zaina Lanka — the artificial island in the Woolur Lake on which he built his palace and a mosque. During the period of the Sultanate all ancient religious sect in India like the Vedic religion, BuddhismJainismVaishnavismShaivism and different Tantric sects existed in different forms.

Cultural Life during the Sultanate Period

Vidyapati extended his work to Maithili language also. Unlike the Gujarat style of architecture, the Mandu architecture was massive and was made to look even more so by using a very lofty plinth for the buildings. Tughlaq Nama describes the successful expedition of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq against the usurper Khusrau Khan.Delhi Sultanate reached its zenith under the Turko-Indian Tughlaq dynasty drawing India into a wider international network, which led to cultural and social enrichment in the Indian subcontinent.

In his paper, he has listed 37 instances of Hindu temples being desecrated or destroyed in India during the Delhi Sultanate, from to Religion: Sunni Islam.

Cultural Life during the Sultanate Period Article shared by: Read this article to learn about the cultural life, its literature and architecture during the Sultanate Period! Write a short history of the Delhi Sultanate in India from its founding to the end of the Khalji domination.

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CULTURAL LIFE DURING THE DELHI SULTANAT The coming of the Turks into India and the establishment of the Delhi sultanate during the 13th century was a period of both turmoil and mint-body.coml phase was one of death and destruction on a large scale, with many beautiful temples being destroyed and palaces and cities ravaged.

This. Sultanate of Delhi: The Delhi Sultanate is a term used to cover five short-lived dynasties, Delhi based kingdoms or sultanates, mostly of Turkic and Pashtun (Afghan) origin in medieval India.

The sultanates ruled from Delhi between andwhen the last was replaced by the Mughal Dynasty.

VIII. Society and Culture under the Sultanate Delhi was perhaps the most important cultural center in the Muslim East. Heir to the traditions of Ghazni and Lahore, its importance increased when the Mongols destroyed the cultural centers of Central and Western Asia, and the poets, scholars and men of letters from these areas took refuge.

College essay cultural development under delhi sultanate in india
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