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For recyclicng, separate materials like paper, cardboard and metal and others from the garbage for reuse or reprocessing into marketable or useful material. Nowadays, the generation of domestic waste which is increasing from days to days has become a serious problem for our country, Malaysia.

Of these, only 6 are public facilities, 31 are private facilities, one is operated by the Christian Health Association of Ghana CHAG and one is a quasi-governmental health facility. The process will not release furan or dioxin.

In addition, the step of domestic waste management is based on 3R concept. Environment friendly plants have been used to dispose the domestic waste produced. In Ghana, a study conducted at Kodiabe, which involved direct observations at disposal sites from five divisions, focused on the way in which refuse materials were disposed [ 15 ].

The waste generated in the s was less voluminous and less complex than today, consisting largely of leaves, paper and wood products, with little plastic or hazardous chemicals [ 9 ]. There was once a study that showed that the generation of domestic waste in our country has been increasing from days to days.

The 3R concept is reduce, reuse and recycle.

Steps to Manage Domestic Waste Responsibly.

Moreover, we do not need to provide a large sums of money in composting of domestic waste and it is easy to be carried out in our usual life. The polluted soil is not suitable for agriculture uses because the toxic substances contained in the soil will harm the plants and other living things which live in that area.

The statements mentioned above have clearly showed that recycling is the responsible way for management of domestic waste, because it will not cause any negative effect to the environment. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The study also showed that This paragraph has showed the importances of incinerators in managing domestic waste responsibly and effectively. Although huge capital investment is required to improve waste management, social and behavioural factors are also important if waste management in urban areas is to be successful.

The process can reduce the amount of domestic waste and the reduction in the amount of waste is 90 percent while the weight will be reduced to 75 percent.

Domestic waste disposal practice and perceptions of private sector waste management in urban Accra

The domestic wastes will cause the soil to become infertility and the soil is no longer suitable for the growth of plants. The poor waste management situation in recent years has led to a high incidence of sanitation related illness, such as cholera, intestinal worms and typhoid.

The authorities carries out inspection regularly to ensure that the management of domestic waste is carried out responsibly and completely. Typically, local governments are responsible for the collection and disposal of the wastes generated within their jurisdiction, as well as for the operation and maintenance of their equipment.

Reduce means reducing the production of domestic waste in our daily life. Only the organic wastes such as food wastes and farm wastes can be processed into compost fertilizer.

Lastly, the authorities will make sure that the companies and contractors of domestic waste management carry out the management of domestic waste responsibly. Except industrial and building is given below:Next, domestic waste is the factory waste such as oil, toxic waste, factory waste and etc.

Domestic waste can be categorized into 2 groups. First group is organic waste while the second group is inorganic waste. The examples of organic waste are food waste, papers, textiles, rubber, wood and farm waste while glass, tin, aluminum, metal and plastic are the examples for inorganic waste.

Steps to Manage Domestic Waste Responsibly. Nowadays, the generation of domestic waste which is increasing from days to days has become a serious problem for our country, Malaysia. The rapid development of our country and rapid growth of population in our country have caused the problem of increasing domestic waste.

Domestic waste disposal is an action that should be taken with a lot of concern so that it can lead to the reduction of pollution and high income that has to be spending in. Domestic waste management essay 23 september / in Geen categorie / door. Order of diffraction illustration essay kwasi enan college essay college essay about knitting.

Buy custom essays listings darya e sindh essay. Critical essay on hamlet's character argumentative essays on social media making a good introduction in a research paper guy. Sewage treatment, or domestic wastewater treatment, is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic.

It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Generally the solid waste content of raw domestic sewage is very low, averaging around %.

This normally comprises waste organic matter, some inorganic solids, heavy metals, sand & grit, and floating debris (Metcalf & Eddy ).

Domestic waste essay
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