How to write a blurb for your novel

Now write your first version. Create a poll on your blog or website and get your fans to vote on the version they like best. ReachReaders with the Manybooks Newsletter.

Read through it and trim it down. You might want to write two or three very different versions, and run them past your beta-readers to see which a work best as blurbs alone and b successfully give a sense of what your novel is like. Many authors write the book blurb as an afterthought.

Not unlike the life she recently lost. This will give you a better idea of what to work toward. Give them dimension and put the focus on the dilemmas they face.

You have one shot at introducing your story to your reader - make it count. Make use of services like Manybooks that allow you to test two different descriptions for your book to see which one gets the most downloads.

As a last remark, a good blurb sparks an interest, but a great blurb will create intrigue and captivate your potential reader. Transform readers to the place and time of your story to make it more interesting.

Martin Banks is just a normal guy who has made an abnormal discovery: A Novel by Nina George. Send different versions of the blurb in your pitch emails to reviewers and see which version gets you the most responses. Sabaa Tahir uses words like "ancient", "brutality", "infiltrate", "deadly fighters", "spy" and "dangerous escape" to create a sense of adventure for An Ember in the Ashes.

This is not essential, but if you have won awards for any other books in the past, including that you are an award-winning author can boost the amount of clicks you get. If you write historical fiction, just including a time period in your blurb can greatly increase the amount of clicks your book will get.

How to Write a Great Blurb for Your Self-Published Novel [With Examples]

Most fiction book blurbs start with a situation aintroduce a problem b and promise a twist c. Only one of them refuses to join in: Then one disgruntled Facebook user left a comment: If you have suggestions for further improvement, do feel free to leave a comment!

Think about your central concept or hook: He makes it easy for his handpicked group of Lycopolis players. By the way, if the new improved blurb has inspired you to check out the book, you can find it here on Amazon.

Take your time with it. Use white spacing to separate thoughts and make it look less like a solid block of text. Create questions or mini-cliff-hangers: Read their blurbs and select some of the ones that got you really interested in the book.

Include the plot basics, the characters you want to introduce and some other elements of the story that are important to you. As an adult, Theo moves silkily between the drawing rooms of the rich and the dusty labyrinth of an antiques store where he works.

And what the authors seem to be saying. Mention them by name and characterization: The Story of a Book Purchase — as I described there, the blurb was for me one of the main selling points: The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him.

Give readers a setting: Sure, the cover design creates intrigue.One of the more teeth-pulling tasks of self-publishing a novel is having to write your own blurb (or what Amazon calls a “product description”, and what some people call a “synopsis”).

Aug 24,  · How to Write a Blurb. Blurbs are short descriptions that promote things such as movies, books, or other projects. “am I trying to sell a romance novel as a history?,” or “am I trying to turn a philosophical study a novel?” Not misleading your readers can ensure that your readers don’t stop reading or seeing what you’ve K.

Find out how to write a blurb for your next novel to intrigue and entice your readers. Check out our examples of blurbs, and the do's, and don'ts to help you craft the best blurb. The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Blurb.

17 Tips on How To Write a Blurb That Sells

Do’s. Reference the genre and central theme; While there’s no perfect formula for writing the best blurb for. How to write a blurb for your novel in 4 steps “The opening of your blurb has to be incredibly precise and dynamic,” says editor Rebecca Heyman.

“For a lot of first-time authors, I think there's an instinct to make sure readers understand everything that happened in the. I liked your blurb Joanna. I even downloaded your novel but Morgan’s thoughts slowed down the pace of the narration (my opinion and experience) and the Jewish element didn’t appeal to me too.

17 Tips on How To Write a Blurb That Sells. A Novel by Nina George). If you write historical fiction, just including a time period in your blurb can greatly increase the amount of clicks your book will get. Use Hyperbole: Words like "never before", "incredible", "unimaginable" and "inconceivable" are powerful tools to spark curiosity.

How to write a blurb for your novel
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