Literature translation

Comparison of a back-translation with the original text is sometimes used as a check on the accuracy of the original translation, much as the accuracy of a mathematical operation is sometimes checked by reversing the operation.

For poets, this creates the great advantage of ambiguity. Back-translation[ edit ] A "back-translation" is a translation of a translated text back into the language of the original text, made without reference to the original text. Nevertheless, in Literature translation contexts a translator may consciously seek to produce a literal translation.

Moreover, the involvement of writers in the work of translation accounts for the high aesthetic demands of the Soviet school of translation.

Khudozhestvennyi perevod i literaturnye vzaimosviazi.


A literary translator reproduces a non-literal rendition of the original text. Each is used at various times and in various contexts by the same translator, and at various points within the same text—sometimes simultaneously.

Many instructors have expanded their reach to teach texts that originate from across the Literature translation. Through works in translation, students in our mostly monolingual society are at last becoming acquainted with the multilingual and multicultural world in which they will live and work.

Consequently, the Soviet school of literary translation is closely tied with the development of literature.

Literary translations

A number of labels are used to designate these works: In his seminal lecture "On the Different Methods of Translation" he distinguished between translation methods that move "the writer toward [the reader]", i.

In all the republics many writers, including the most distinguished ones, do translations. As a result, they submit what they read to their own cultural expectations; they do not read in translation and do not reap the benefits of intercultural communication. Translation services Literary translations Literary translation is a type of translation where the source documents are fiction.

Literary Translation

Translation of literature is fundamentally different from other categories. Books in translation seldom contain introductory information about the mediation that translation implies or the stakes involved in the transfer of cultural information. Most of the difficulties, according to Link, arise in addressing the second problem, "where the impossibility of perfect answers spawns endless debate.

At the literalist extreme, efforts are made to dissect every conceivable detail about the language of the original Chinese poem. Without a subject, he writes, "the experience becomes both universal and immediate to the reader.

Perfectly executed work often makes the translator famous. John Dryden Transparency is the extent to which a translation appears to a native speaker of the target language to have originally been written in that language, and conforms to its grammar, syntax and idiom.

The translated text is processed in several stages. The artistic image created in the particular literary work be it the image of a character or nature will certainly have an impact on the reader.

The translator reads the text through, then allocates individual terms, divides the text into logical sections and translates these sections one by one. This is because the main principle of literary translation is the dominance of poetic communicative function.

There is, however, no sharp boundary between functional and formal equivalence. It is the poetic focus of the text that makes this type of translation different from, say, texts of an informative type.


Periods during which national literatures are established are also characterized by a rapid increase in the number of translations, which are considered to be on the same level as creative literary works.

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Literature Translations

A quarterly literary journal featuring translations of the best contemporary Chinese fiction and poetry. View all issues. BIBF Literary Salons. Starting inPaper Republic has organized a small literary festival to concide with the Beijing International Book Fair, held during the last week of August.

I recruited a team of volunteers for an event at the London Literature Festival called The Spectacular Translation Machine, a slightly mad enterprise that had members of the public collaboratively translating from a graphic novel adaptation of a French soldier’s WWI diary. Translation of literature is fundamentally different from other categories.

This is because the main principle of literary translation is the dominance of poetic communicative function. It means that in addition to rendering information to the reader, literary translation also has aesthetic functions. literature - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

Translation and Literature is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focusing on English Literature in its foreign relations.

Literature translation
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