Managing change due to downsizing and outsourcing essay

The internal issues also includes the lack of skills and knowledge which is required for managing the outsourcing function which results into a high outsourcing cost and failing to use the main purpose of outsourcing. If the manager approaches breaking the news to their staff in a considerate way, then the transition should not be difficult.

These concerns can lead to high levels of stress, increased conflict between team members and even employees leaving the organization to look for opportunities elsewhere. They may include increasing the number of team discussions and team building events.

Of course, when employees are laid off for disciplinary reasons, there is usually no severance pay since the employee has violated the code of conduct and hence, is not liable for any compensation.

It is a telling sign of the times that DOL began collecting data on layoffs in April for the first time and has since published such data monthly.

Policies and Procedures to Handle Downsizing In addition, when the employee is informed that he or she is going to be laid off, most organizations have set policies and procedures to handle such occurrences.

And this will be doubly true if the announcement includes information about help the employer intends to provide to those leaving. Based on statistics collected by the U. Having said that, no organization exists for charity and hence, they too need to be firm on when to downsize and whom to downsize.

The overhead cost is multidimensional and this also includes the spending of extra time and cost on the extra and increased documentations and forms for reducing the risk associated with miscommunication of the functions and processes, management of differences in the functionalities and also the differences in the organizational cultures and so on.

It is the fact that if layoffs are being announced or there are rumours circulating about them, many employees start to feel jittery and begin looking out for other jobs.

After all, not only will many people miss their co-workers who are now gone, but they may also fear that another round of downsizing could be coming in the future and they may worry that they might be next. During this period, they are monitored by their immediate managers along with the HR manager and if they do not improve even after the mandatory watch period is over, they are then let go with the reasons for the same being stated clearly and in writing.

Managing Downsizing in Organizations

A "downsizing" simply means releasing employees because the operation no longer needs them; reorganization or restructuring of the institution has eliminated jobs. The other implication is the issue related to the privacy and the data security; the Singapore airline may lose some of its privacy information related to its business practices to the vendor to whom the business has been outsourced.

In the five stage model, managing corporate reputation is the most critical issue to be immediately addressed once a decision to downsize or close a facility has been made, so make sure you understand the impact that such a decision will have upon the local community and carefully consider all the ramifications of its effect upon the corporate brand and reputation.

Tell the employees that if any of them have any questions or concerns following the meeting, the manager will be more than happy to sit down with the employees one by one and address their individual issues privately.

Industries highly linked with the tourist season typically have layoffs. The meeting should be for the purpose of delivering the news at hand and letting it sink in so that the employees will deal with the initial blow and the issue can be addressed when there are cooler heads and more rational thoughts amongst the group.

Some of the processes are also sometimes are temporary and the organization does not like to organize a team of staff for that temporary process so they hire professionals to perform the task from outside.

All this suggests that the term "layoff" shades imperceptively into the "downsizing" category. Change is a good thing and it should be a signal to the employees that their company is acknowledging industry changes and is responding to them accordingly. Cartwright and Cooper take this one step further by suggesting that it is important that employees at all levels become involved in the change process.

Manage investment in employees This stage is where attention to employee aspects of closure or downsizing will have the greatest impact.

Therefore, any organization that is planning to downsize must approach the same in a calculated and careful manner.

HR Assignment Help : Implications of Outsourcing and Downsizing

Though these two operations are done for legitimate financial reasons and for the survival of the company, they are often times the most difficult element of change to deal with as a manager because of how much they affect the employees.

Outsourcing in simple terms can be said to be as the process under which an organization allocate some of its specific business practices or processes to an external service provider. This is because these employees who are good performers would decide that they would anyway get jobs elsewhere and instead of sticking around in an organization that is on the verge of economic debilitation, they might as well move jobs.

There is also the implication or issue related to the intellectual property loss for the organization. Change is Charming Embrace it! This fear could cause a normally great employee to lose focus on their tasks at hand and worry more about what is happening in management meetings, what other employees are talking about, and concern themselves with whether they should be looking for another job.

Manage the actual closure This stage is essentially an important project management activity. But economy-driven layoffs are not permanent, and workers are "called back" when things pick up again.

Therefore, the Human Resources Function must handle downsizing with utmost care and caution and with sensitivity. Finally, the final author draft was subjected to an assurance review undertaken by a Change Control Panel on behalf of the Project Board.Managing the Organization Dynamics of Downsizing.

Oliver Wyman Delta is in part due to the fact that many companies Managing the Organization Dynamics of Downsizing • Referrals, company-to-company loans of employ-ees, and job fairs.

Companies can form allianc. The Best Practices In Downsizing Management Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: My thanks are especially due to Mr. Adil Kazi and Mr. Sheraz Karim who have fully extended their support by arranging the necessary resources for the betterment of this study.

Last but not least, I would wholly thank my parents and siblings who were always. Managing Change Essay. words - 14 pages 7 pages Managing Change due to Downsizing and Outsourcing Deanie Tuley Keiser University Managing Change due to Downsizing and Outsourcing Among the most aggravating sources of integration problems in American companies are issues employees have with change in companies.

Managing change is an. The Concerns About Downsizing Management Essay. there will be an assessment to examine the relationship between powers, conflict, change, and ways of managing downsizing.

Company Background. the survivors of retrenchment will increase abruptly because a part of the workforce in the company has been curtailed due to downsizing. The. What Happens During Downsizing & How Organizations Can Manage The Experience. Posted on April 10, by Giselle Kovary.

Change Management During Downsizing. How Organizations Change During Downsizing. Work processes and individual responsibilities change when there are layoffs. Employees are required to do more, with less. Managing Downsizing: Key Considerations essential to inform employees why the plant to be closed or downsized has been chosen for such types of organisational change.

In my experience many organisations are not very good at managing the total communication process, often the reasons for downsizing or facility closure are not clearly.

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Managing change due to downsizing and outsourcing essay
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