Newspaper terms

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In broadcasting, headlines are short summaries of a few important Newspaper terms that will follow in full in the bulletin. Bumped Heads— Similar headlines running side by side that create monotony and the tendency to read across.

Glossary of Newspaper Terms

Q Q and A— Copy in question and answer form, as in verbatim reports of court proceeding. Intelligence displayed by machines making their own decisions, sometimes independent of human intervention. To use one outlet of a media company to promote something Newspaper terms another outlet. The name of a newspaper in a banner in special, distinctive type at the top of the front page.

Often shortened to Gfx, words, diagrams or other illustrations that appear on the television screen. A special supplement - often attached to advertising or a promotion - which is inserted into a newspaper or magazine and can be lifted out by a reader.

L Layout— 1 A sketch or drawing that indicates the arrangement of pictures and copy on a printed page. Quotes— 1 Quotation marks; 2 A quote is a portion of a story that consists of direct quotations.

Feedback - An ear-splitting squeal or howl caused when sound from a loudspeaker is picked up by a microphone and reamplified. Dummy— A preliminary layout of a newspaper page, showing the placement of stories, headlines, pictures and advertisements.

Extra details in a story which help the reader or listener get a fuller picture of what has happened or what a person is like. This technique is frequently overused, but when used properly it adds immeasurably to a story. Written material for publication.

Used by news stations to show the main headlines of the moment, stock exchange prices, the weather or other useful current information. Where there is only a single camera, noddies are usually shot after the interview ends and then edited into the finished piece to break up long slabs of the interviewee.

An Echo Press Editorial: A guide to newspaper terms

Newspaper terms US, short for a paragraph of text, which may also be known as a par. A head-and-shoulders photograph of a person facing the camera. A list of reports, interviews or other material compiled for an upcoming news bulletin or newscast, usually placed in the order in which they will be presented.

Anchor - The newscaster who hosts the studio portion of the newscast. Often used to name and describe the person speaking. Text next to or following a story or picture acknowledging its source.

A vertical margin of white space where two pages meet gutter journalism:Glossary of Newspaper Terms Ad, Advertisment — Printed notice of something for sale paid for by the advertiser. AP — Abbreviation for Associated Press, a.

This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the terms and acronyms that may be unique to the newspaper industry.

It. It feels great to find an ancestor in the newspaper—whether it’s in an obituary, marriage announcement, or other type of notice. But sometimes historical newspapers used abbreviations and terms that are no longer common, leaving some of us scratching our Continue reading →.

Newspaper Terms. Newspaper Terms.

Technology terms, designated with an asterick (*), have been included with traditional newspaper terms and defined below.

newspaper - A newspaper is a daily or weekly publication that contains news articles, editorials, and other items. Newspapers are printed on large sheets of inexpensive paper that are folded.

Newspapers are printed on large sheets of. Find historical newspapers from across the United States and beyond. Explore newspaper articles and clippings for help with genealogy, history .

Newspaper terms
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