Relationship between curley and his wif

Together, they are a formula for trouble! Says I was a natural. Curley reacts with great anger and swears to kill Lennie. The movie about this book was inblack and white, but was darker in color. Symbolically, they hold a deeper connection as two tragically doomed characters who have impossible dreams.

What is the relationship to you of your wife's brother's wife?

Yet both of these characters are linked in their commonalities They are also tragically linked, since Lennie kills her accidentally. George dismisses his statement, even though it is George who wove this tale of the future for Lennie to have something to dream about.

We might agree with the judgment that she is a Tart or jail bait. Her behaviour in the begining tells us of her behaviour before we meet her. She does not like life on the ranch, and she does not like the way Curley treats her. Lennie is like a child. He is an innocent soul.

The book described herhair as looking as sausages. Her physical description such as clothing, speech, movement language analysis. Smash them up because she charged 10 cents to the ranch worker for a dance!!

It may have been brown. Yet both of these characters are linked in their commonalities: It is open to interpretation whether he is really that upset over his wife dying as he did not seem to have much genuine affection for heror if he is angry that someone has taken what he views as his property.

But a person can see kind what you mean. She feels ignored and trapped. You are not considered to be related to him.

Describe Curley and his wife in Of Mice and Men. What do their actions tell you about each of them?

He does not forsee the consequences of his actions. She dreams of movie stardom, he dreams of rabbits. It is common, however, for your children to consider her to betheir aunt. In chapter 1, Lennie says, "I remember about the rabbits, George.

Lennie accidentally kills her stroking her hair. She was easily lead into a happy life marrying him, as it was the great depression and times were hard. Inappropriate clothing for ranch.

However, if your brother married his wife when the son was young, you may choose to treat him as your nephew. In chapter 5, she tells Lennie about her dream as he tells her about his.

She is lonely, even though she is surrounded by the ranch hands. She seems drawn to Lennie in a way.In the book Of Mice and Men, when Curley's wife finds out that Curley injured his hand when arguing with Lenny, she was glad that someone injured him.

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Mar 10,  · what is curley and curley's wife relationship like It's a patriarchal relationship, where Curley is domineering over his wife, evidence for this is the way she panics when she realises Curley will know she's not at home (where she's meant to be).

Curley see's her as his property, and she was just forced into the marriage as Status: Resolved. Transcript of Curley's Wife and her relationships with the men.

Curley's Wife and her relationships LO: to look at her relationships as a whole, and How does Steinbeck present the relationship between Curley's Wife and Crooks and Candy in section 4?

(and any of the other characters e.g. reference to Curley) Relationships to demonstrate: her. Home Of Mice and Men Q & A what can you infer about curley Of Mice and Men what can you infer about curley and his wife's relationship?

curley is married. In the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’, the relationship between Curley and Curley’s wife is very unstable lacking communication, love and respect. Additionally neither one showed attention for one enough, Curley liked to believe his wife was a possession this is shown by the quote ‘’you seen a girl around here?

Curley and his wife have a very turbulent relationship in Of Mice and Men.

Curley is possessive regarding his wife. He shows this in chapter 2, when he is repeatedly asking if anyone knows where.

Relationship between curley and his wif
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