Sample business plan pdf philippines earthquake

Faults are commonly considered to be active if there has been movement observed or evidence of seismic activity during the last 10, years. The Pacific Ring of Fire is an earthquake zone that forms a ring around…A. The force that can change the size and shape of rocks is called…A.

Move away from buildings, trees, streetlights and overhead lines. A safe place could be under a sturdy table or desk or against an interior wall away from windows, bookcases or tall furniture that could fall on you. Frequent practice will help reinforce safe behavior. Being Prepared for an Earthquake.

Given a Philippine Map, locate the areas that lie near fault lines correctly by tracking it using a marker. What do you think is the difference between active and active fault?

Responding quickly and automatically may help protect you from injury. Drop under a sturdy desk or table and hold on to one leg of the table or desk. Businesses and other organizations can register and participate for free. Conditions under which evacuation would be necessary considering the above information ; When sheltering in place may be a better alternative; A clear chain of command and designation of the person in workplace authorized to order an evacuation; Specific evacuation procedures, including routes and exits; Specific procedures for employers and workers in high-rise buildings if applicable ; Procedures for assisting visitors and workers in evacuating, particularly those with disabilities or who do not speak English; Designation of which, if any, workers will remain after an evacuation alarm to shutdown critical operations or perform other duties before evacuating; and Special equipment for workers, including personal protective equipment and respiratory protection e.

How To Make An Earthquake Preparedness Plan

There are two types of fault. Earthquakes can cause fire alarms and fire sprinklers to go off. Which type of seismic wave causes rock particles to move together and apart in the same direction as the wave is moving?

Crouch down and cover your head. P and L waves D. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. Make a plan for workers to follow in the event of an earthquake and be sure that it includes the following precautions: Earthquakes are measured using observations from?

ShakeOut provides an earthquake Drill Manual for Businesses with lessons for workers and employers. If you can reach a safe location before an event is expected to occur.

What is the minimum number of seismograph stations a scientist must have data from in order to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?

Active and inactive faults. Be ready for aftershocks. Active fault has a high risk of producing earthquake, while an inactive fault has a very small chance. Provides basic information on developing an emergency management plan for the workplace. Earthquake Terms and Concepts. Emergency Supplies for Earthquake Preparedness.

Inactive faults are structures that we can identify, but which do not have earthquakes. Practice earthquake and evacuation plans on a regular basis.

Be on the lookout for fires. That concludes our discussion. An active fault is a fault that is likely to have another earthquake sometime in the future. This may include emergency response following an earthquake.

Bricks, roofing and other materials can fall from buildings, injuring persons nearby. Fire is the most common earthquake-related hazard, due to broken gas lines, damaged electrical lines or appliances, and previously contained fires or sparks being released. Perform a workplace survey, especially if you are in an area with a high risk of earthquakes, to identify potential hazards to workers if an earthquake occurs.

Lists supplies needed for an earthquake preparedness kit. Now we are going to find out how an earthquake forms, the kind of faults and their difference in terms of the chance they are likely to produce an earthquake, and the Philippine fault system.Business Community- Multiplex, Commercial Complex, Industrial, Operational Hierarchy as per Earthquake Management Contingency Plan Director Inspector General of Police S.P Cum FSA Dy.

Director Managerial and EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS CONTINGENCY PLAN OF. Earthquake Preparedness and Response | Preparedness Many of the hazards to workers both during and following an earthquake are predictable and may be reduced through hazard identification, planning, and mitigation.

Earthquake Detailed Lesson Plan Essay Sample

Make a plan for workers to follow in the event of an earthquake and be sure that it includes the following precautions. Nevertheless, if the business that you own or work for is located in a region at risk for earthquakes there are many things that can be done to reduce the chances that those who work in or visit the premises will be injured, that property there will be damaged, or that your day-to-day operations will be unduly disrupted by an earthquake.

Philippines: Bohol Earthquake Action Plan (Revised) January This document outlines the humanitarian community’s response to the needs arising from the earthquake that struck Bohol. It was issued by the Philippine Humanitarian Country Team in collaboration with partners. Figures are current as of 30 January disaster preparedness Are you prepared?

disaster preparedness Are you prepared? Typhoons Flood Volcanic Eruptions Earthquakes Online Travel Registration.

between business functions, core IT assets and other business dependencies. Plan Development & Strategy Implementation involves implementing plans and procedures that enable strategy execution, and ensure a viable and workable operational recovery.

Sample business plan pdf philippines earthquake
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