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Even the French police are bad guys? The sociological assumptions and perspectives are made from that point of view.

Film Analysis The Movie Taken essay

Bryan hears a person breathing heavily and, realising one of the abductors has picked up the phone, tells him that he will not go after the kidnappers if they release his daughter, but warns them that failure will result in their deaths. Plot[ edit ] Retired CIA field agent Bryan Mills attempts to build a closer relationship with his year-old daughter Kim, who lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart.

The element of dialogue is very efficient as it makes the movie move forward. I do agree with your analysis that it is arrogant. Bryan ties Marko into a chair and interrogates him using parrilla. While she makes a call to Bryan, Kim sees men enter the apartment and abduct Amanda.

After she is dragged out from underneath a bed, Kim yells a description of her abductor. This is seen throughout the movie among almost all the characters Taken film analysis. This prepares the audience for any action that he takes, concern over her whereabouts, and his efforts to rescue his daughter after she was kidnapped.

Before Bryan can tell her about the offer, Kim asks her father for permission to travel to Paris with her best friend Amanda. Posing as Jean-Claude, Bryan enters the house under the pretense of re-negotiating the police protection rate.

I just found it all a bit clumsy and limp. The movie also portrays Lenore as a careless and ignorant parent who does not take into account the age and wellbeing of her daughter as she allows Kim to travel knowing very well the purpose of her flying to Paris.

Out of gratitude, Sheerah offers to have Kim assessed as a singer. The simultaneous actions are cross cut and edited to come up with a sequence where any unimportant story is omitted. For instance, when Kim is in Paris, and the girls are attacked by the kidnappers, Bryan tells Kim to keep call and shout their description in five seconds when they get hold of her.

A man tersely replies, "Good luck. Common, pissed off Americans something fierce! The movie begins by portraying the big love that Bryan has for his daughter. This is evident as he retires to get close to her daughter in California and takes his time to shop a birthday present for her.

When Raman attempts to negotiate, Bryan kills him with a point-blank headshot. Jean-Claude informs him of the local red-light district where the Albanian prostitution ring operates, but warns him not to get involved. When he identifies Marko Hoxha by making him repeat the same phrase as on the phone, the meeting erupts into a fight that results in the death of all gangsters except Marko.

Marko reveals that virgins like Kim are sold quickly due to their prized value, and identifies the buyer as Patrice Saint-Clair. The movie takes 90 minutes to play a story that may have taken months or several days. At the airport, Bryan learns the girls are actually planning to follow U2 during their European tour.

Spoiler warning As for the scene you mentioned, yes, it was a nice moment of sheer audacity and kickassness.

And as for films that actually deal with the horrible issue of sexual trafficking directly, I highly recommend the Swedish film Lilja 4-ever and the Australian film The Jammed.

Just for the record, I think Eastern Promises was far more sensitive in the way it used the theme of forced prostitution to tell a broader story. Lenore reconciles with Bryan and allows him to bond with Kim by visiting Sheerah together.

It brings out humour, and we get to know the thoughts of the characters and elaboration of the movie. You are right, it is simply a guilty pleasure so perhaps it should simply be considered as such.

Your surprised at Americans interest in the film to be greater than the Aussies? Taken film analysis fleeing, Peter gets rammed by a truck. Taken came and went in Australia with not many people paying much attention to it but it seems to be a hit in the USA.

Taken 1 movie is well-edited having a good sequence of actions flow. Bryan forces Ali, an Arab bidder, to purchase her. But in my case the offensiveness of the film was too overwhelming for me to ignore.The film I have chosen to be the subject of analysis is Taken which was written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, directed by Pierre Morel and released in It is a thriller Movie with the sub genres action, crime and drama.

Oct 03,  · He's only a stone's throw from Albania, where the film opens with a funeral of Mills' victims from the first "Taken." I have long complained that action pictures leave dozens of dead bodies behind and unaccounted for.3/5.

Film review – Taken () Liam Neeson plays Bryan, a former US spy who has to single-handedly save his estranged teenage daughter from an international sex-slave cartel after she is kidnapped while holidaying in Paris. Notes on film: Imitation of Life Film Analysis Handbook.

Essential Guide to Understanding, Analysing and Writing on Film. Both incredible and terrible, "Taken" will always hold the titles of 'over-hyped." I really don't understand the hype of this film, sure the action is fun 58%(). Film Analysis The Movie Taken essay writing service, custom Film Analysis The Movie Taken papers, term papers, free Film Analysis The.

Taken is a French action film written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, and directed by Pierre Morel.

It stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Katie Cassidy, Leland Orser, and Holly Valance.

Taken film analysis
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