The negative impact of deforestation

Forests also provide many helpful things for humans. The positive consequences of deforestation Depending on the needs of the social group concerned, deforestation has made it possible for communities to be built.


As fertile topsoil is eroded and flooded into the lower regions, many coastal fisheries and coral reefs suffer from the sedimentation brought by the flooding.

Both the decay and burning of wood releases much of this stored carbon back The negative impact of deforestation the atmosphere. Why Do We Need Forests? Much of the grassy areas are also not as productive compared to more arable soils and are therefore not fit for long-term cattle grazing.

What Are the Positive Effects of Deforestation?

Small farmers in some areas slash and burn forests near their homes to make room for livestock or to plant crops. The loss of forests has an immediate and direct effect on their lifestyle that we in the modern world, despite our own dependency on what the rainforest provides, will never know.

From food to life-saving medicines, forests give mankind a variety of gifts that contribute much to our quality of life. Exposing soil to heat and rain.

FT is not a "law of nature", and the pattern is influenced by national context for example, human population density, stage of development, structure of the economyglobal economic forces, and government policies. When forests are cleared, soil cover, which consists mainly of vegetation, is removed as well.

This kid-friendly site explores the reasons why our forests are in danger. Facts about this environmental topic can be found on this page. When these small plots are unable to provide food for their animals because of overgrazing or the land becomes too depleted to grow crops, they burn down another section of forest and the cycle starts again.

Learn more about why deforestation happens and what effects result here. The increase of soil in the runoff causes the Yellow River to flood and makes it yellow colored. Trees, and plants in general, affect the water cycle significantly: Study this topic here.

Once they are gone, too much water can result to downstream flooding, many of which have caused disasters in many parts of the world.

Instead of asking for a ride somewhere, walk or take public transportation. Only when actively growing can a tree or forest remove carbon, by storing it in plant tissues. A document from the Environmental Defense Fund discusses a global policy to help cut harmful emissions caused by forest degradation.

Effects of Deforestation

Without plants to hold the soil in place, valuable nutrients are swept into rivers and streams and carried to the ocean.

Inthe vast majority of the illegally obtained rosewood was exported to China. Resins, incense, medicinal plants, and wood for paper and furniture are just a few of the things the forests of the world provide for us. Tall, green trees provide shade from the sun.

Deforestation : Positive and Negative Consequences (Technorati / Nandu Green)

Some plants need the deep shade the forest canopy provides to grow. Today, developed countries continue to utilize timber for building houses, and wood pulp for paper. Once deprived of their forest cover, the lands rapidly degrade in quality, losing their fertility and arability.May 19,  · The Positive and Negative Consequences of Deforestation Earth and the lives of everything that depends on it – from the smallest bacteria to the largest sea creatures – rest on a delicate matter and that is balance.

Impact of Deforestation on the Earth Essay example - Deforestation is the elimination of existing trees from the earth; attributable factors include urbanization, logging, ranching, and farming and to some extent land speculation.

Student’s Guide to the Environmental Impact of Deforestation Imagine hiking through a forest. Tall, green trees provide shade from the sun. Squirrels and other animals chatter around you.

You walk through a small stream and shiver as cool water runs between your toes. Now, imagine not being able to take a walk through the forest because it. However, the negative effects of deforestation can outweigh these benefits.

Deforestation leads to the loss of habitat for animals, climate warming due to higher emissions of greenhouse gases, soil erosion, flooding and the loss of land for indigenous people.

Extinction of flora and fauna – Destruction of the forests leads to a tragic loss of biodiversity. Millions of plants and animal species are on the verge of extinction due to deforestation. Countries with tropical forests suffer the greatest causalities due to deforestation. Relocation of wild.

Effects of Deforestation - The effects of deforestation are the observable consequences of the permanent removal of standing forests.

Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming

“Coastal vegetation lessens the impact of waves and winds associated with a storm surge. Without this vegetation, coastal villages are susceptible to damaging floods.”.

The negative impact of deforestation
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