Use force william carlos williams analysis

She fought, with clenched teeth, desperately! The last appeal of the doctor is not to the patient but to himself. As I moved my chair a little nearer suddenly with one catlike movement both her hands clawed instinctively for my eyes and she almost reached them too.

Please come down as soon as you can, my daughter is very sick.

The closing sequence could as easily be depicting a rape as a forced throat examination. Come on, do what he tells you to. The doctor, the main character, and his patient, a young girl, portray a troubled encounter that is subject to discussion.

The Use of Force Analysis

No doubt it would have been better. One could interpret the use of force positively or not but it is the grasp of the story. August 22, The Use of Force Summary: The characters like in most stories reflect real or plausible issues comparable in real life.

After all, I had already fallen in love with the savage brat, the parents were contemptible to me. This defiance in turn dries up the patience and initial good humor of the doctor.

Reaction Slippery Slope by: I had to smile to myself.

He tried to get up, but I motioned for him not to bother, took off my overcoat and started to look things over. But a blind fury, a feeling of adult shame, bred of a longing for muscular release are the operatives. But as soon as he did the child let out a scream.

The story indicates a lack of obedience from the girl and self-discipline from the doctor. Come on now, hold her, I said. One of those picture children often reproduced in advertising leaflets and the photogravure sections of the Sunday papers. This is no longer a professional encounter.

I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it. Get me a smooth-handled spoon of some sort, I told the mother. I know how to expose a throat for inspection. My face was burning with it.

Her stubbornness only encourages the doctor to show more frustration. You bad girl, said the mother, taking her and shaking her by one arm. Should the professional aspect of a job be put beforehand or does personal reasoning take part? You get out, said the husband to his wife.

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In fact she knocked my glasses flying and they fell, though unbroken, several feet away from me on the kitchen floor. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. The man reveals difficulties separating two different tasks. Antonio Conejos Rational, caring individuals often have good intentions for everyone.CHILD’S ABILITY TO MANIPULATE ADULTS IN “THE USE OF FORCE” BY WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAM By: Lia Dewinta Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the short story entitled The Use of Force written by William Carlos Williams.

Its aim is to figure out the ability of a child in manipulating. Essay on The Use of Force, by William Carlos Williams Words 5 Pages The Use of Force is a short story by William Carlos Williams that is very powerful and leaves the readers with an ethical dilemma. Analysis rows eNotes The Use of Force search "The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams is a short story written in the first person.

The narrator, like Williams himself, is.

The Use of Force Summary

The short story titled The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams, a doctor tries to treat a young girl who refuses the treatment he offers. Despite the fact that her parents and the doctor make and attempt to reason with the girl, she continues to de 3/5(1).

• In “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams, the author uses Irony and Conflict to emphasize the fact that in order to do what is right or necessary we must sometimes do what seems / feels wrong or unnecessary.

The Use of Force Williams, William Carlos. Primary Category: Literature William Carlos Williams and the Diagnostics of Culture (New York: Oxford University Press, ). Bremen argues that "The Use of Force" illustrates Williams's insistence on incorporating "occult" knowledge into his (empathic.

Use force william carlos williams analysis
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