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Any action in the Philippines between February 4, and July 4, Also worth noting is the star pattern on the ribbon is different for the Insular period medal compared to the Commonwealth pattern. Posted 18 March - Military actions against Pala on Jolo between April and May, He died in and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Filipino WWII veterans awarded Congressional Gold Medal

He then went back to the Philippines to be a witness to the surrender of the local Japanese commander. Wainwright broadcasts his surrender message following the capture of Corregidor by the Japanese, May So, early inWainwright became senior field commander of U.

During the Insular and Commonwealth periods there were four different versions of the Philippine Medal of Valor as it evolved. The battle was hard-fought and spanned several months, despite U.

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#OTD: WWII Army General Earns MoH, ‘Hero of Bataan’ Distinction

Philippine Defense Medal - World War II. The Philippine Defense Medal (PDR) is a decoration presented by the Republic of the Philippines to recognize members of the Philippine Commonwealth military and allied forces who served during the defense of the Philippine Islands from December 8.

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Choosing a high quality editing service like Viddedit is guaranteed to bring your video to mint-body.comon: Corporate Way, SuiteValley Cottage, New york,NY. VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard Honors Filipino World War II Veterans at They were given the Congressional Gold Medal, to recognize the service and sacrifice of for the United States and the Philippines during World War II.

weddingworkflow – Outsource Wedding Video Editing Services Outsource your wedding video editing. Page 2 of 3 - philippine medals - philippine army, philippine constabulary, philippine state decorations - posted in MEDALS & DECORATIONS: I thought Id mention that I have a copy of the Official Constabulary Register forpublished in Manila.

Ive never seen another one and acquired this one at great expense. Its like other US Army officer registers with information about date of rank.

Wedding video editing service philippines medal wwii
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