What is gail kelly and her leadership styles

These objectives that work towards a successful final goal include tactical, strategic and operational goals — all of which relate to goals set within various sections of an organisation Davidson et al.

From there, she commenced an MBA, and graduated with high distinction in As she had come from a retail and not an institutional banking background, her learning curve was very steep.

Findings from studies in by Robert House into managerial leadership suggest that the strongest leaders within organisations possess charisma; a form of interpersonal attraction that inspires support and acceptance Davidson et al.

Having a career and a family is possible with the right support system, she believes: With that said, it is clear that Kelly embodies both leadership and management processes in creating her motivated workplace, which surely contributes to the highly efficient style, and success, of her entire organisation.

Successful CEOs are those who work with and through people, and embrace a spirit of generosity, which she said she learnt in South Africa: About Me Gail Kelly - Successfully combining leadership and management. Although she stepped down from her role as CEO of Westpac earlier this year, her achievements will continue to be admired for years to come.

In regards to organisational leadership, a charismatic leader is said to inspire followers, have a high level of self confidence, strong belief in own ideas and should demonstrate self-sacrifice towards the organisation as a role model to others Hitt et al.

Do the right thing all the time, every time. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. I try to get the best people around me and use those talents. Known for her strong sense of optimism, Kelly iterates the importance of enjoying what you do for work.

The role of a manager is to cope with the complexity of an on organisation or company, by practising task-orientated functions such as planning, organizing and controlling, dealing with interpersonal conflict, and working to achieve goals set by superiors by means of altering organisational structure Hitt et al.

When Kelly was CEO of St George Bank, it is clear she employed both managerial and leadership techniques in solving the problem of employee motivation. Kelly has been able to effectively balance and embody all of these functions.

Gail Kelly on what it means to be a successful modern leader

With leadership complimenting management, the awkward task of implementing contingency plans can occur with little impact on the employee. Gail Kelly, former CEO of St George Bank and current CEO of Westpac, models such initiative everyday in her managerial career, and undoubtedly proves to us that the previous statements are anything but false.

With that being said, if Kelly is an example to go by, management and leadership are both significant aspects of any highly successful organisation, especially when both are embodied by employees in managerial positions. Kelly has a distinct memory of two books in his study: It is clear that managers attempt to do everything in their power to plan for the future, however of course not everything can go to plan.

After the introduction of targets, women now occupy half of all management positions at Westpac. Realising that teaching was not for her, she entered the banking industry in as a teller, and was fast-tracked into a training program.

Kelly, who was nominated as one of Forbes Most Powerful Women, is also a mother of four, including triplets. Core Concepts and Applications, 2nd edn, Milton, Queensland: Gail Kelly is also a wonderful advocate for a positive attitude as a whole.

Harvard Business Review, Vol.

9 Quotes From Westpac CEO Gail Kelly That Give An Insight Into The Secrets Of Her Success

Subsequently, she was given the opportunity to run the card business for the firm. Planning and budgeting involves understanding the environment that the organisation finds itself within, and finding ways to succeed and achieve goals within this setting.

Leadership compliments this management process by aligning these qualified people, rather than grouping them thoughtlessly without consideration of group cohesion. Exceeding expectations in areas of leadership and profitability growth, Kelly was considered to be one of the most successful CEOs the bank had recruited to date.

After undertaking an undergraduate degree in Arts followed by a Diploma in Education, Kelly began work as a teacher in Zimbabwe. Following her move from a career in teaching to one in banking, she often had to prove herself in what was still a male-dominated industry.

If we are happy in what we do, then success is bound to follow as we put more effort into our roles. What is most interesting about the career of Gail Kelly is not her gender or profound success, it is her leadership style.

The workplace needs to change to embrace flexibility, Kelly argued: Such approach becomes very important in contingency situations, where if only managerial processes were adhered to, a significant portion of workers would become burdened and confused by sudden changes in plan — and in an instable economic environment like today, such changes could happen often.Former Westpac chief executive Gail Kelly gave a master class in the generosity of spirit pillaring her leadership style when she persuaded guests at a Melbourne fundraiser this week to dig deep for villagers in Vanuatu buffeted by Cyclone Pam.

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As the CEO of Australia’s second-largest bank, Gail Kelly shattered the glass ceiling of corporate Australia.

Held in high regard in the local and international financial and business sectors, Kelly has. In her advice on business, Kelly drew on Jim Collins’s excellent book Good to Great, speaking of the importance of “getting the right people on the bus” (watch Collins hold forth on the topic in this video) before moving on to vision and strategy.

In conclusion, Gail Kelly rose to become Australia’s highest paid businesswoman, and ranked the world's 11th most powerful woman by business journal Forbes (The Canberra Times ), by combining management with leadership throughout her career.

Finally, init was announced that Gail Kelly would commence the position of CEO of Westpac in February What is most interesting about the career of Gail Kelly is not her gender or profound success, it is her leadership style. The former CEO of Australia’s Westpac Banking Corporation, South African-born Gail Kelly is an advocate for family, flexibility and women in the workplace.

"Women in leadership is a major issue and there is still much to be done.

What is gail kelly and her leadership styles
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