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Her soaring voice and electric energy grab you from her opening notes, and she demonstrates a highly-skilled flair for comedy. Opposite her, as Glinda the Good, Kara Lindsay aces the delicate assignment of being both ditzy blonde and sensitive friend while showing off her clear soprano and great comic chops.

In the realm of mythology, green-hued creatures have never had a simple time of it see Shrek, Hulk, et al. I had an excellent view of the stage with no restrictions at all. Reprising the role she played on the West End for three years, Rachel Tucker steps in as the green-skinned Elphaba, a.

Second row of the stalls on the left-hand side.

Wicked the Musical, London: Address, Phone Number, Wicked the Musical Reviews: 5/5

Yes, for a splashy musical and a pleasant night out, this is a good choice. Lacks substance to match its style Critic Rating 18 JanuaryApollo Victoria Theatre Tim Despite mixed reviews upon its premiere inWicked has been running strong for more than five years and, this week, it became one of the first West End shows to announce its extension into The show is completely set within the machinations of a huge clock, the Clock of the Time Dragon to be precise.

Sheridan Morley "This is a truly eccentric affair but it comes to us laden with Broadway awards. I was lucky enough to see the original British Wicked Witch Kerry Ellis reprise her role as Elphaba; she was an absolute joy to watch on stage.

Although this may be a reasonable tactic in creating a musical version that appeal to families, her invention of an unexplained and entirely illogical happy ending fails spectacularly.

Wicked: why the musical defied the odds and is still a phenomenon 10 years on

For a hugely enjoyable and even magical night out I would heartily recommend Wicked to anyone. The performers have enthusiasm which should go without saying, but not always — Mamma Mia!

Take October, for example. And whether or not you are up on your Oz lore, this seems, at first, incongruous with the magical proceedings on stage.

When Elphaba rises up against the oppressive regime, she is the victim of a tactical smear campaign that culminates in Dorothy and her entourage being offered a reward for her murder. But since then, more than 8. C16 in the Circle.

The Tim Burton-inspired ensemble oscillate between the hypnotic and grotesque and a sweet but thin voiced Matt Willis charms as the rather superfluous Prince. But she worked best in partnership with Savannah Stevenson as Glinda, whose vocals were a little higher in pitch.

Wicked, New York City: Address, Phone Number, Wicked Reviews: 5/5

Whereas Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, starts out as a spoilt blonde brat and learns her compassion from Elphaba. Gina Beck fails to hit the same comic notes as a one-dimensionally vapid Glinda, but she has a beautiful voice and extraordinarily wide vocal range.

She imbues Elphaba with wry wit and gives a heartfelt performance that certainly makes you question which witch is wicked. Sometimes the production really can live up to the hype. But then the metaphor becomes clearer. Sometimes the production really can live up to the hype Critic Rating 10 SeptemberApollo Victoria Theatre Vicki Despite the fervent adoration surrounding Wicked I was sceptical on arriving at the Apollo Victoria.

Seats on either extreme of the hall will have slightly restricted views, but I missed very little even though I was all the way to the left. The costumes and sets, designed by Susan Hilferty and Eugene Lee respectively, are spectacular, and magically bring to life the wondrous land of Oz.

The latest incarnation of this impeccably oiled entertainment machine finds a new gear courtesy of a British import.

The amazing thing is that Wicked has been around since Stanford Friedman There have been moments in the history of musical theater when, like a twister, the sheer talent and Wicked live theatre review spectacle of a production have flattened any negative criticism that stood to get in its way.

To judge from the way the first night audience was cheering from the outset I suspect Wicked will, like The Lion Kingprove triumphant for its sheer spectacle.

I was looking forward to seeing the production for the first time to see why this theatrical juggernaut has survived despite an underwhelming critical reception. My seat was a bit squeaky but everyone around me seemed to have the same problem.

Based on the best-selling novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked charts the journey of the witches of Oz, Elphaba and Glinda, from their early days as rival sorcery students to their forming of an unlikely friendship, before ultimately being ascribed the monikers of Wicked and Good.

That was the month that Wicked opened in New York to generally dour reviews.I've been asked if I wanted to attend the Wicked show in Tampa where I live, but I knew it wouldn't be the same as seeing it on Broadway.

I'm in NY enough so I prefer to wait to catch shows on Broadway However, I'd recommend anyone see Wicked in any theater. that I forget to review Wicked!!!! Oh to my goodness!!!/5(). Wicked review at Apollo Victoria Theatre. Skip to main content. Theatre Fan? Subscribe to our newsletter.

Wicked Review. Our critics rating: Date: Thursday, 28 September, Review by: And there's a gaggle of competitors lining up in the wings to challenge Wicked the Musical for audiences in the next few weeks. But I doubt that it. Sep 21,  · Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and 1 Review. from $ More Info.

Reviews (6,) Write a Review. I want a west end musical to have live music playing, impressive voices by the main singers, theatrical special effects that I have not seen before, an interesting story, songs that I can hum to, colourful costumes and /5(K).

Wicked reviews - audience reviews for Wicked. BroadwayBox offers cheap Broadway tickets - up to 50%off Broadway ticket prices. Sep 19,  · Wicked, New York City: Address, Phone Number, Wicked Reviews: /5.

United States ; New York (NY) The theatre is spacious and offers good views of the stage. The show does suit all ages. saw the show and had a workshop the next day through Student Live. Awesome show. Great workshop. Girls loved it.

We had great /5(K). Wicked Tickets Flexible Dates I sat down in the theatre expecting a sugary overly commercialised production, but instead what followed was one of the best musicals I’ve seen in a good while. Sometimes the production really can live up to the hype.

Wicked’s success has a lot to do with originality and playfulness; it’s a prequel to.

Wicked live theatre review
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