Write a letter to a friend describing your daily routine and activities

I am writing because I have been really sad lately. So try to improve your English. Write a letter to your friend about how you spent your summer vacation.

I want to tell you about our school tradition. Pattaya is in the east of Thailand and is a popular seaside resort. I usually have cereals and toasts for breakfast. Write your email taking into account the following tips: What is your favourite school lunch? I think they are cool people in a real life.

There are lamps hanging above the desks.

Write an Essay on Your Daily Life

I wonder how you could guess my desires of a dictionary. Then fill up the form clearly following their rules and regulations. We have a short minute break between lessons, but we have a long minute break between the second and third lessons. I have private lessons on both Saturday and Sunday in Bangkok.

English is used and understood in almost all over the countries. I usually go home at 5 p. One building has 5 floors and the other has 6 floors. He is of my age. Then I have lunch, which is a quite big meal for us. In your last letter you wanted to know about my aim in life. After school hour, I was returning home on foot.

I sell flowers in the local market. We walked around and saw many animals. After sipping the hot tea, I do jogging for half an hour on the terrace of my house, along with my elder brother. I enjoy every bit of my life and enjoy things around me such as, beautiful landscape, budding flowers, green scenery, wonders of science seen in different forms, marvels of city life, the leisure of free time, etc.

You must give them asking amount, which they need. I am also fine with blessings of all. Learn more by downloading the checklist and free report: Formula to close a letter or email: This kid, Chris, is always book-checking me and slamming me into lockers.

In the evening we walked around the town and then ate at Pizza Hut. Depending on the day and specific deadlinesI do a number of things: Also, I keep the Evernote app in a key location on my phone—in case I want to record an idea from one of these podcasts A vital part of my daily routine is preparing and drinking a nutritious smoothie, From 8 a.

And you can use a lot of mediums to deliver the letter. I can pass the exams well. Offer my regards to your parents and love to the younger. At lunchtime, I usually play football. It took more than two hours to drive there. We begin our lessons at These are the tasks I work on first thing in the morning.The following is a sample from Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine.

My Daily Routine (An Example of How to Find Work-Life Balance) What is the best daily routine? Write something, anything. This can be a blog post, book chapter, article, or just some random notes to myself.

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine [Lifehacker] What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Fast Company] The Morning Ritual [Hack the System]. Writing a Letter to Your Parents Write up a letter to them instead and it can really help in bringing up important issues. Family: You don't have to face your problems alone!

My Morning Routine in 10 Simple Steps

Counselors are standing by. Ways to Get Help. Pages Main Navigation. Ways to Get Help; Your Life Q&A; Tips & Tools. I wrote a short passage about my daily life.

Would you please take a look and correct any mistake for me? 4. Votes. joygogo. cotidiano = daily. Implies routine, normality. So, they are pretty equivalent. It sounds smooth to me.

Congratulations. Send us your. Daily Routine Writing Exercise A Correct the mistakes.

Daily Routine

C Now write about your daily routine. In the afternoon my friend comes to my house and we play computer games. Sometimes Mummy and Daddy take me to the cinema.

On Sundays my cousins come and my uncle does a barbeque in the garden. It’s delicious. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about your daily life Subject (Letter Writing) Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Favourite Hobby Letter Type Personal Letter Complexity Medium Grade/Class 3rd to 8th Standard Number of words words Age group 8 – 13 years Dear friend Susan I hope you are well by the Continue Reading».

Write a letter to a friend describing your daily routine and activities
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