Yeelirrie uranium tenements

Yeelirrie uranium deposit

The appraisal was based on a site visit, old exploration reports and publicly available data on ground water compositions.

The project is currently on hold, the Greens will continue to oppose any uranium development in WA. Four of the areas were appraised for their uranium exploration potential.

The project holds approximately 63, tonnes of U3O8 with an average grade of approximately 0. A spokesperson for WMC said a inspection revealed the problems and also admitted that the company could have known about the problems as early as The pilot processing plant was in Kalgoorlie, although the tailings were dumped back at the mine site, in several dams.

Annual production estimate was reduced to 3,t after concerns with production issues. This partial assessment model is a poor substitute for a Public Inquiry and undermines the projects procedural credibility and stakeholder and community confidence. Initially, remote sensing Yeelirrie uranium tenements were interpreted for each exploration area with the aim of selecting prioritized target areas for a variety of uranium deposit types based on geological setting.

A number of prospective areas were identified but sovereign risk issues emerged which led to a downgrading of investment interest. The Yeelirrie uranium tenements elements of interest were non ferrous metals but the deposit also contained significant uranium.

In most cases, uranium potential was present in sediments, either calcrete or carbonaceous sequences. The deposit type is uranium in calcrete. Mineralisation occurs in a thin flat lying carbonaceous shale in a Lower Palaeozoic unit overlying Proterozoic rocks. In the s, WMC dug a series of trial mines at the Yeelirrie site.

Further it is unacceptable for the proponent to articulate wider nuclear fuel cycle issues when these are seen as positive but to refuse to consider such important areas as nuclear safety, security, proliferation concerns and wider radioactive waste management.

An Environmental Impact Statement was produced in and resulted in environmental approval from both state and Commonwealth governments.

The historic estimate indicates that Yeelirrie hosts measured and indicated mineral resources of approximately million pounds 63, tonnes of U3O8 with an average grade of approximately 0. KENYA Duringin country research and field investigations were conducted in Kenya for Oropa Exploration Limited with the aim of selecting ground for uranium exploration.

The World Nuclear Organisation states: The exact production of uranium is unknown, although given the amount of ore mined, it was probably around tonnes U3O8. BHP Billiton concluded one stage of exploration mining. The deposit extends over 9 kms, is up to 1.

The project involved search for unconformity-related, intrusive and metasomatic uranium deposits. In its Environment Progress Report, released in JulyWMC admitted leaving a contaminated trial uranium mine exposed to the public, with inadequate fencing and warning signs, for more than 10 years.

Apart from technical support related to area selection, programme design and programme implementation, the services provided to Oropa Exploration Limited included liaison with central and local government agencies, assistance in setting up of an exploration base in Malawi, recruitment of personnel and the preparation of technical reports for use in submissions to the authorities in Malawi and to the ASX.

MALAWI Following a countrywide review of airborne radiometric data inthree areas were identified for uranium exploration.

Trial mining involved several pits, extracting a total of more thantonnes of ore. A development proposal is in the works for June Plans were then abandoned.

Government terminates Yeelirrie uranium project State Agreement.

The Canadian company elected to start again because they wish to double the amount of ore BHP was approved to process. This was the first large scale calcrete ore-body found in the world, and thus no exploration techniques were known in order to accurately determine ore reserves.

The mine is expected to have a life of 20—40 years.

Yeelirrie uranium project

Some examples of these since are as follows: The valuation did not need to be Valmin Code compliant but this code was nevertheless followed as far as possible as a matter of best practice. A historic estimate of the mineral content of Yeelirrie was prepared for BHP Billiton in June by an international mining consulting firm.

Resource analyst Gavin Wendt said: Mine construction beginning in late was envisaged.The termination of the agreement will also see the rehabilitation of the Yeelirrie uranium project, located south of Wiluna, completed this year.

State Development Minister Clive Brown said he had been advised by WMC Resources, the holder of the Yeelirrie tenements, that tender documents for the rehabilitation work were currently being. Several other uranium mining companies are buying up tenements close to Yeelirrie in the hope of finding uranium seams off the main Yeelirrie deposit – including Blaze International Ltd.

The project is currently on hold, the Greens will continue to oppose any uranium development in WA. Inan evaluation was completed on behalf of Yeelirrie Minerals Pty Ltd of the uranium potential of a group of tenements that partially surrounded the main Yeelirrie deposit in Western Australia.


Yeelirrie Uranium Project

Question No. Mine Closure Plan checklist Has the MCP Checklist been endorsed by a senior representative within the tenement holder/operating company?

(See bottom of Checklist) Y iii Public Availability 2 Are you aware that from all MCPs. Northern Yeelirrie Uranium Tenements Introduction The Cabral Resources Northern Yeelirrie Uranium Project is located approximately 40 km south of Wiluna (Figure 1), where Cabral are targeting paleochannels calcrete hosted uranium.

The Yeelirrie uranium project is a uranium deposit located approximately 70 km southwest of Wiluna, in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

The name Yeelirrie is taken from the local sheep station and, in the local Aboriginal language, means "place of Country: Australia.

Yeelirrie uranium tenements
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